The Magic of Duck Decoys

Long, long ago decoys were invented as a hunting tool to lure ducks in close enough for the ancient hunters to harvest for dinner.  The oldest decoys ever found anywhere on earth came from a cave in Nevada.  At Lovelock Cave 11 of them were stored in woven baskets; made by Native Americans 2000 years ago woven from Tule rushes and decorated with feathers, red ochre, and black resin, depicting Canvasbacks.  Quoting an anthropologist “they show real artistry, more than seems necessary, just to try to trick a duck.  They are functional but beautiful, too”. Even then they had magic.

Centuries later, in the mid-1800s and early 1900s our grandfathers copied decoys to hunt with, carved out of wood by hand.  Factories began to produce decoys by the thousands.  In a few years, there were market gunners and American waterfowl were threatened with extinction.  In the early part of the 1900’s Federal Wildlife Acts were passed and the uncontrolled harvesting of ducks was stopped.  The old decoy factories died out.  A few of the old decoys survived.  The magic combination of old paint, water, and time has made them into highly prized collectibles.

A century later, in 1980, Bundy Decoys were born, and while traditional painted duck is still made, Country Ducks, a whole new art form developed Bundy Classic Ducks.  We still use the same antique machines that were used a century ago.  Bundy Decoys are made for a different type of hunter.  They mean different things to different people and still have magic.

Carved with craftsmanship, Made in America.

When our state worst environmental disaster, the White River Fish Kill occurred in late 1999, one of our decoys was used as a mascot to help raise money to restock White River.  In time over 1 million fish were released, and White River recovered and lives again.

Yes, decoys have a different meaning today, as a memorial gift to a good friend’s passing, as a fine wedding or retirement gift. They have even been used to honor the coming of a new baby.

Now, there is another new decoy art form, Bundy Hardwoods, carved from rare American woods.

What is your dream? If you can dream it, we can do it.  A lifetime keepsake.  Decoys still have magic.