The Art of Duck Decoys

Duck decoys are a true American Folk Art, created by ancient Native Americans to lure waterfowl from the sky. The oldest decoys found, so far, are canvasback decoys made from reeds and feathers which date back over 1400 years.

With European colonization of the American continent early settlers learned decoy making by observing the Native techniques. Before long dozens of settlers along the Atlantic Coast had taken to carving decoys of wood, which was plentiful. In those days duck hunting and upland bird hunting was a way to stock the family larder and was not considered sport. These carvers, mostly self taught, produced a broad selection of styles, each distinct to the carver. By the late 1800’s factories began producing wooden decoys by the thousands. Using decoy rigs and a black powder cannon called a punt gun, market hunters threatened the extinction of American waterfowl. As a result several Federal Wildlife Acts were passed during the early 1900’s, making it unlawful to sell wild game. The decoy factories went out of business. The old decoys that survived into the late 20th century became highly collectible.

Enter Bundy Decoys in 1980: now the last decoy factory in existence. We still use the same equipment as the factories of a century ago, although few people would know how to use these antique machines today. While the early decoys were made to help the hunter fool a duck, ours are made for a different kind of hunter, intended for the mantle instead of the marsh. Starting with a log we Bundy’s take these carvings through 28 different steps to a finished decoy. We can see the duck in the log, a skill we have developed over time.

The Classics are our signature pieces, carved from white cedar logs and using our own stains to enhance the natural grain of the wood, making each piece unique. Another unique feature of our carvings is the Bundy brand. We brand our pieces because we want people to remember who crafted their decoy and to give them information to help them find us if they like.

From our painted Country Decoys to our famous Classic Line; even to one of a kind decoys carved from rare pieces of native hardwoods, we are always making something new and different. Bundy Decoys are American Folk Art for the 21st century. Browse our website to view our numerous carvings.