Historical Decoys by John Bundy

These are decoys I carved of Spalted Hackberry that we harvested from the prism of the old canal.
Available at the Bundy Shop and Mercantile 37 in Noblesville, Indiana

The early history of Indiana has many stories of canals, which, to a developing nation, were the first “highways” before railroads.  They started in many sections in the 1830’s but were a financial failure and bankrupted the state in 1839, resulting in a constitutional amendment passed in 1851 that forbade the government from going into debt and is still part of the state’s constitution over 170 years later.

Many of the canal routes are gone today and a few still remain but are hard to recognize.  Trees have grown up in the prism and on the tow paths.  One small piece near our decoy shop was drained a few years ago and some of the trees that were cut we used to make our decorative duck decoys.

Here is a small piece of the Central Canal that remains today

Local Hackberry trees

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