Hand-Carved Firewood

This story was told to me by a collector of Bundy Decoys who has purchased quite a few over the years,

“I grew up on the Eastern Shore where duck-hunting was a way of life. Every year when duck season came in it always involved a stop to see old “Clem” on the way to the marsh to hunt. Clem was this crusty old decoy carver that had a little wooden shack down by the coast and whittled out decoys. So Dad and I would stop and Dad would pick out a few decoys; this always involved getting out a bottle and having a drink to conclude the deal. I was left to wander around the decoy shop and marvel at all of the sights. There was an old pot-bellied stove in the middle of the room with a big pile of all kinds of used decoys.

Once, while there, Clem got up and said, “Its getting a might chilly in here!”, he promptly went over to the stove, opened the door and threw in an armload of old original carved decoys by the sunflower maids. As time has passed and I’ve grown up and started collecting duck decoys I’ve often wondered how many thousands of dollars worth of valuable decoy carvings Clem threw in the stove. “