From The Heart – February 2019

Bundy Duck Story of Excellence:

I met John and Valarie Bundy via a close friend while doing business in Indiana about 2013.  On the flight back home I thought about how Providence blesses the world with the beauty created by artist and craftsmen.  I’ve always had a fondness for waterfowl… my father used to tell us kids how the duck provides lessons in humility and hard work; for when you see a duck swimming across the pond it looks graceful and effortless; but if you could look below the water you would see its legs and feet working hard for propulsion.  He would usually follow that with the statement, “It doesn’t matter what you do in life… just strive to do your best at whatever you choose to do.”  He has led his life as an example of humility, hard work, and striving to do the best.  It was on that flight where I realized that John and Valarie are striving to do their best in every decoy they create — striving for excellence is the beauty of the product.  I further realized that Providence had blessed me with family, friends, employees and acquaintances that they too were striving for excellence and creating joy to the people associated with them just as one enjoys the artwork of John and Valarie Bundy at tax preparation services.  The ‘Duck Club’ was formed on the flight that day — a group of people that strive for excellence in their vocation/ avocation/ life that I have been privileged to have part of my life.  They are given a Bundy decoy and a note thanking them for their excellence and how that is represented in the decoy… I am blessed to have given out numerous decoys over the years and hope to continue to be blessed with additional members of the ‘Duck Club.’  I also have a small collection to enjoy and a reminder of the lessons my father taught and the fine people past, present, and future to cross paths.  Many thanks to my friend Paul for introducing to John and Valarie Bundy and the excellence in their decoys.

Jim G.