Duck Hospital

Your goose isn’t cooked!

All hope is not lost. Bundy Ducks can be saved. Just get with us to see how we can help your duck be beautiful again.

Your Duck Ain't Dead!

All our ducks are handled with the utmost care and love. We'll make sure your duck is brought back to it's original glory.

The Duck Doctor Is In!

Over the years we’ve been able to help many a distraught or embarrassed Bundy Duck Decoy owner with repair issues on their much loved decoy. Time is unkind as we all know. Its amazing what can happened to a wooden carving, lovingly cared for in someone’s home. Where else can you get a piece of beautiful artwork and when some accident happens it can be restored good as new?

Some of the comments we’ve heard about Bundy Decoy accidents:

“A housekeeping boo-boo.”

“Our kids thought it could fly.”

“A flood event.”

“Our new puppy loves it (too much).”

“Our cat hates it.”

“Grandkids thought it was a duck toy.”

How much does it cost to fix my Bundy Duck?

Our fees vary according to the damage and how long it has to stay at the hospital, but $50 is about average.  Shipping back home is $15.  Please call or email us before sending your duck. We’ll be happy to get it fixed for you.