Custom Engraved Awards

If you can dream it we can do it.

In the last decade I have become involved with creating and carving a variety of custom awards. Many of these have been made for customers that have purchased and collected Bundy Decoys. We have found that there is essentially no one that fills this niche in today’s world. Everything has become so much “the same”, which is not what is needed for a fine award that. Some actually use one of our decoy carvings, but not nearly all of them. Working with my friend and neighbor, David Savidge, an artist in his own right, and using my fine hardwoods, David creates the engravings. All of these photos of these awards were created by us from an idea for a customer. In some cases we only did one, in others we did 50.

Owning a carving factory and having 40 year experience serves me well, if I can make one thing, I can make another thing. One example: the fancy curly maple ball bats, A HOME RUN, first made for the 25 original investors of a bank. This item evolved from just the bat to a bat and board with an engraved message for another company as a tribute to their major customers. They hang in 55 offices and homes today, and the company is still receiving thank you letters.

Currently I am carving fine cherry ducks for Pike Lumber Company, a major Indiana Hardwood Company in business for more than 100 years. They will be given to retiring employees. They are being carved from Cherry Wood harvested by Mr. Pike before 1900. I am now up to #46 with more to make. As for creating a custom award or gift, if you can dream it we can do it. Just contact us.

Call today so we can build your custom award the way you want


Below are some examples of our awards.  Anything is possible.  So let us know what you are thinking and we’ll see if we can create a unique award for you.