Curly Maple Hardwood Ducks

Classy hardwood, curly is a phenomenon of nature, not a separate species and can occur in different woods, most common in maple. Long sought after for gunstocks, knife handles and musical instruments.

Fancy Natural Curly Maple Hardwood Ducks

Maple in the Buff – Tints and tones with nothing added.

Burnished Maple Hardwood Ducks

Burnishing is an old gunsmithing process of oxidizing the surface, burnishing the curl. I’ve perfected this old process and finish these with a custom-made hand rubbed oil finish.

JB’s Art Colors Curly Maple Hardwood Ducks

Using another step after burnishing, I enhance the curly maple decoys with my own custom colors creating a whole new art form, a combination of rare wood and art work.

You will love these fantastic colored carvings.  JB

Eclipse Curly Maple Hardwood Ducks

This style of finish was made famous in the 50’s and 60’s with guitars made by Les Paul and Gibson Guitars.  I wanted to try embellishing our curly maple decoys in a similar way and Voila’, here they are!  The first pleasing version was completed the week of the Total Eclipse 2017.