Where the ducks are

As artists we try to create something that gives the people pleasure, something that they like looking at.  Here are where some of our decoys are today, and a few comments from the people that have them.


Max & Pamela sent us these photos of our carvings.  They love our carvings, love the variety and that no two are alike.  They like creating a display and a place for their decoys in their home, in Max’s man cave. While our Bundy carvings inspire them, the displays they created inspire us.  Thanks for sharing these photos with us Max & Pam.



“Good morning!  Well, I was just reading your website as I sat smiling at my little duck. I thought I should let you know that the little fellow that we bought at The Peabody last year has a rather interesting home now in Brisbane, Australia. He is often moved along the bench but this little fellow is in austere company. Here he sits happily under an aboriginal artwork, in front of a very talented glass artist’s works and beside the beautiful bronze “Rebecca”.  Dear little duck. I have named him Dirk. Happy 2020.”

– Robyn


“I enjoy coming home and walking down to the basement and seeing my decoys, the beauty, the craftsmanship that went into making them, look onestop plumbers.  The fact that I know who made them.  Seeing them pleases me, like seeing an old friend.”

– Larry and Linda